Due to the extreme changes made by Yahoo on April 5th, Corelogic, our MLS vendor is unable to send emails on your behalf. This is a nationwide issue caused when your email provider, Yahoo, made changes to spam rules.

As a result, we are suggesting migrating to a new email address other than Yahoo to eliminate this immediate issue.

  • Many members have a corporate email address such as KW, CBDFW, Remax, Judgefite, etc.
  • Many members also have custom domains that include a custom email, ex: yourname@yourdomain.com.
  • If you have Internet provider emails, ex: TimeWarner, etc, you could use that email address.
  • For clients that have yahoo emails, once you get the emails received yourself, then you can simply forward that email to your clients from the good email
  • Innovia MLS (our secondary system) uses a different email approach. You can use Innovia to email listings to clients. You can access Innovia from the SSO Portal.

Corelogix is using vast resources to fix the issue, but fixing the issue will require changing the way emails are sent by MLS’s nationally, a huge undertaking at one time. This is expected to take several weeks.

Users who do not have Yahoo, hotmail or msn emails are not experiencing these issues. 

If you want to change your email, please email your new address to thill@arbori.com or teri@arbori.com . We will update when more information is made available.